What makes a lesson outstanding? Is it purely what one OfSTED inspector says or is there more to it? Interestingly enough, I think most of us would agree that observations, and the results thereof, are what make us feel good or bad about our own teaching...as well as the enjoyment and progression of children (not just in terms of levels).

Some light reading below...
Current OfSTED guidance on lessons and their gradings:
Guardian's How to move your lesson from good to outstanding:

This grid lists 12 different characteristics of lessons and states what is found at each of the 4 grades. Really useful document but you need to print it out and turn it round!! (Submitted by Gertie - found on PC under the name of Noeydeer but have no idea who wrote it!!!)

This was linked to on a TES thread about outstanding lessons. Could be useful?

JT's article - effective teaching