Year 6 Science - interdependence and adaptation
This was taught during OfSTED. We had a focus on including SC1 objectives in all lessons. It was graded outstanding.

Year 6 Science Revision Electricity
Hope that I have done this correctly - this is the plan from my AST assessment science lesson. The assessor remarked that he was impressed children were clearly and explicitly taught everything rather than it being assumed it was picked up, and the interactivity, buzz and high energy.

This was for my LA Science group, which is 75% SEN.
~ Azuresque
I really like this lesson plan. Did each of the activities follow each other, with all children doing the same thing, or was it like a cartwheel of activities? sniggle

All doing it together, I find it easier to track who understands what, carousels don't work for me - can't be doing with them!

Year 5/6 science lesson- Factors which affect the rate of a solid dissolving in water-
Lesson focus on writing a good conclusion- levelling up poorer examples- generating Success Criteria- and finally carrying out an investigation and writing a conclusion using the class generated SC.