Really Useful Reading

Let's recommend only stuff that is easy to read and very very useful!! Folk have enough to read that is boring or hard work.

My first class choice is Formative Assessment in Action by Shirley Clarke (click link for Amazon)
This is full of boxes, examples, great ideas, very very enjoyable and absorbing to read - unputdownable! Full of the stuff that makes lessons outstanding.

I would second that choice. I bought it because it was recommended by Bluerose and sounded something I was interested in. It's really easy to read and to use her ideas in your lessons. Definitely my best buy this year. Wicked Witch
I'll third this choice! (Hillydeal)

//Shirley Clarke's "Formative Assessment in Action"//

For literacy (or do we just want more general references?):
I'd suggest Pie Corbett's 'Jumpstart Literacy' and 'How to teach fiction writing'. Also his 'Writing Models' for each year group. Or probably anything else by him. Ros Wilson's books from Andrell about Big Writing and VCOP. (Hillydeal)

//Pie Corbett's "Jumpstart!: Key Stage 2/3 Literacy Games//"

Just wanted to say that I completely agree with the recommendation for Jumpstart. Someone recommended it to me on the TES forum and I bought it - it's a fabulous book and the children love most of the games. They forget that they're actually doing work when I get the book out! (Jog_on) I third that! Love the activities, great for quick fire games to get them thinking (smileystar)

//Pie Corbett's "How to Teach Fiction Writing at Key Stage 2//"I am also the proud owner of this book! It's got some really good ideas in it and is really reasonably priced too. Highly recommended :) (Jog_on)

//Neil Macrae's "How to Teach Fiction Writing at Key Stage 3//"

Is the above book actually relevant for us on here? It being KS3 and all...guess there are middle school people here too. Let me know whoever has a copy! :) Jog_on

Exciting Writing by Jacqueline Harrett has some lovely ideas for writing in it. (whoa there pickle)

Pimp your lesson by Isabella Wallace and Leah Kirkman

I bought this book today during a holiday shop (always end up spending a fortune on books during the hols!) and I have read three chapters already! It contains a fair amount of waffle, but it also has some really inspirational ideas. It is definitely aimed at secondary teachers, however, it is definitely relevant for us primary teachers too! If anyone else wants any more information, please contact me! (Jog_on)