PE yr 5

This is a lesson plan I did for a PE lesson that was observed by a PE advisor who came in to help me improve my PE delivery (as it's my worst subject!) The advisor is also an Ofsted inspector and graded me very very high satisfactory and would have been good but for a couple of technical issues such as the way children got the apparatus out, not sticking to time limits set and the fact that I was very nervous. He also said that to get outstanding you would need to be a PE specialist so very difficult to get.
~ squiggle7

Well done for getting a good grade in your p.e. lesson. I feel compelled to respond to your post on the basis of what this advisor/OFSTED inspector has said. To say you have to be a P.E. specialist to get graded outstanding is utter nonsense. That's like saying you have to have a 1st in maths to get outstanding. Good/outstanding p.e. lessons are based around numerous factors such as: organisation of equipment, pace of lesson, how many children are active throughout the lesson, how well are different abilities catered for through differentiation. Judgement of a lesson is then made against this type of criteria. To simply say you have to be a specialist to be effective in these areas is too vague. I've seen high school teachers who have taught lessons to ks1 in our school. They are specialists, but only delivered satisfactory lessons as they don't have an understanding of what effective p.e lessons in ks1 are about.