Outstanding Maths Lessons for Year 4

A maths lesson from block B2, based on convex and concave polygons. ~Little Tigger

Looks like a great lesson Little Tigger - and getting outstanding is fantastic (especially after having used worksheets!!! ;). Well done! ~Jog_on

A lesson from the old framework - unit 1 I think. Erm...looking back, not sure how they graded me a solid good for it - guess the delivery is not shown in the lesson plan. I would definitely "pimp" it up now though, if I were to do it again. (am still enjoying reading my Pimp your Lesson book!). ~Jog_on


Date: 8th January 2008
Time: 11am
Year/Class: 4 – top set
Learning Objectives

Oral/Mental Starter

  • To understand and be able to explain the place value of any digit within a 4 digit number.
Main Activity
  • Multiply or divide any integer up to 1000 by 10 (whole-number answers), and understand the effect.
  • Begin to multiply by 100.
  • Can I multiply a three digit number by 10?
  • Can I divide a four digit multiple of ten by 10?

Food lists;
IWB (website);
Key Vocabulary
Units, tens, hundreds, thousands, zero, digit, place value, place holder.

Oral/Mental Starter
Tell the chn a number using clicking, tapping and patting. Ask chn questions to build that number up in a grid on the IWB e.g. what number would go in the tens column?

Tapping shoulders = unit numbers
Clicking fingers = tens numbers
Patting head = hundreds numbers
Touching knees = thousands numbers
Interactive starter - worked well...all children were involved with thinking about the numbers and some then went onto having their own go at this.
Main Activity

Chant ten times tables with the chn. Discuss real-life instances when you might need to multiply or divide by 10/100.

Plan a party for 30 people.

Look at the food list with the chn, the number of these food items per guest and the number per pack. Using their whiteboards, in pairs, they should attempt to work out how many packs they will need of each item. Take answers from the chn and discuss how they worked out the answers.

Build on work they did yesterday – multiplying by 10, 20, 30…100. They struggled with this yesterday, so will have another go today to consolidate yesterday’s learning.

Then move on to playing:
http://www.higherbebington.wirral.sch.uk/plane.html which will introduce them to dividing by 10/100 (including decimals).


Different numbers of people depending on ability of chn.

HAPs – multiplying by 10, 20, 30, 40… based on party planning theme.

Extension activity for HAPs – internet activity stretching them to divide by 10 and 100.
Plan a party for 50 people and work out how much you will need to spend on each food item. Discuss methods used and how difficult/easy the chn found it. What areas were the trickiest?

I know you have put this up for comment and improvement, so please don't be offended by this suggestion.
I don't think your 'party activity' addresses your main learning objectives very well.
I think you are muddling up multiplying any number by 10 or 100 etc, using place value, and using multiplying by the 3 and then by 10 to achieve multiplying by 30.
Since your main acitivity is working on the patries for 30, 40, 50 children, rather than change the whole lesson, I would adjust the LO to something like:
Use knowledge of place value to Th H T U and multiplication facts to 10 x 10 to derive related multiplication and division facts involving multiples of 10.
And would use the starter to chant 30, 60, 90 120, etc.

If you really wanted to address
the LO given you should be doing more about moving columns, moving children holding digits, or using Mark Weddells super activity here if you have PC time for their independent work or on your IWB. However, I see it is a top set so they are maybe OK on this, in which case work on the yr 5 LO.

I think it is vital that teaching and learning address the LO exactly and that children then get a clearer idea of what they are learning to do and don't get muddled up with two related processes.
~ Gertie

I would agree Gertie and I'm not quite sure how I managed to do so well in this lesson. I guess they liked the way I taught and overall the OfSTED inspector said the only thing to have improved would have been to give them more opportunity to manage their own learning. Our ISP target had been multiplying by 10 and 100 etc, so we have been doing a huge amount on this and moving columns. They all used their knowledge of multiplying by 10/100 to help them with the task, so it was really applying the skills.

Hope that all makes sense!