Outstanding Maths Lessons for Year 3 Nothing here yet so I will offer this lesson plan up. I received outstanding on my recent performance management round March '09


Teacher 3


Maths Date 17/3/09 Time 11a.m.

(child speak)
I can see multiplication as repeated addition.

I can reflect a shape using a mirror line.

Feed back points

Draw out the key language that was produced yesterday. Reflection, mirror line. When are we likely to use these words?

Mental ( : 10 mins)
I can see multiplication as repeated addition.
Display 6 rows of 2.
2+2+2+2+2+2= or 6x2=

Turn the array through 90 degrees. How has the array changed? What has changed what is different. 6+6= or 2x6=
Display the first row of a 4 by 5 grid. “Four rows which are exactly the same.” Draw the array on your board. Talk Partners. What numbers could you add together to find the total? What numbers could you multiply? Make up another array for partner. What numbers could you add together to find the total? What numbers could you multiply?


How many rows are there?
How many dots are there in each row?
How can you describe the array?

MAIN PART ( : 35 mins)
I can reflect a shape using a mirror line.

Discuss the language used in last lesson. Children to draw out reflection, mirror line and symmetry.
Explain to the children that we are going to investigate some shapes by reflecting them across a mirror line. Show an example of what is to be expected using the smart board software.
Show the children the activity on the learning clip site
http://www.learningclip.co.uk/block.aspx?c=block3d2 circuit symmetry.
Identify the mirror line. Show them where the reflection needs to be displayed and how to complete the activity. Mini Plenary to assess understanding.A4L Recap on vocabulary children are to use.
Create a similar activity on smart board to model what is expected. Allow the children to choose their own start points to the activity, choosing easy, medium or hard. Discuss the appropriate of choosing this?

After completing the activity an extension worksheet offering similar tasks can be completed, using rulers and colours.


Where is the mirror line?

Is this a reflection of the shape?

What makes this shape symmetrical?

TASKS: ( : 35 mins)

A GROUP: Children to complete Learning clip activity and be able to explain what a mirror line is. Enter their definition upon their blog.

BA GROUP / SEN: Children to complete learning clip activity. Receive support from Miss Willis to access the activity.

The children will decide their own level of entry and will then move through the activity accordingly.

Smartboard exercises.
( : 15 mins)
Sit the children in 2 lines facing each other. Produce a mirror line (ruler) down the middle of the floor.
Children to reflect one line across the mirror line to the second line. Standing up. Turning head etc movements to be reflected. Talk Partners. Hopefully this will involve lots of talk and discussion about reflection etc.
Children to produce a definition of the terms mirror line, reflect, symmetry.


Can the children reflect a shape across one line of symmetry.

The letter d is reflected through its straight side. What letter does it become?

Success Criteria