Outstanding Lesson Logs


Hopefully some examples of learning logs for you to see. Can't seem to get more than 2 on, but maybe I could change them regularly, or anyone else who has examples to share!

  • Can you tell us more about learning logs? What are they - how do they work? How do they contribute to outstanding teaching? (Gertie)

  • Well this is the homework I set, it will have an L.O based on what we have been learning that week, could be topic based, maths, english, RE, anything, and they will have a task to do related to the topic, they can set it out however they like. The ones I have uploaded are 1) writing a diary entry as an aztec or Conquistador soldier and 2) writing about properties of shapes. The children love doing it and always (most of them) produce interesting and different work. www.learninglogs.co.uk has loads more information and there is a yahoo group that has lots of the ideas on it. Hope that helps (Gnomoospan)

Learning logs are fantastic!!! I use mine as homework with all the children aged 5-12 and each child thoroughly enjoys them. The children are much more motivated with their homework. They ask me for homework and are disappointed when im not giving it that week. The children put in huge efforts with what they do. Some books are bursting with things, others arent quite so, but i can honestly say that all but 1 child seem to be putting in an excellent effort.

For me the change in attitudes towards homework has been huge. I love how the children are inspired, how they come running with their homework on a Monday morning and how they share them with one another. Each child is exteremely proud of their effort, regardless if the child next to them has done some 'all singing, all dancing' powerpoint and they drew a picture. It doesnt deter. The children have all learned much more through learning logs than they would have otherwise. The learning logs encouage creativity and allow for different learning styles. Each child can complete their task in any way they wish.

I have done a wide variety of different things with the learning logs and each child has achieved huge success in more than one task.

I would never look back, and recommend that everyone brings learning logs into their school. Shetland-Kat


I'd be very interested to see how the learning objectives are done. I watched a teachers' TV programme about something similar and was wondering then too. Thanks. ~Jog_on
design a space themed sweet.doc Does that work? Im not very sure how to upload a file. Shetland-kat

It works Kat, well done, you've explained it better than me. Gnomoospan