Introducing Myths to yr 5

~ started by Gertie
This lesson was worked on by a number of people over a few days. All thoughts about improvement have been left in.
, in case you want to use it or prefer to download and read offline!

Context notes to lesson
We will have looked at Fairy/traditional tales and Fables, separately and created success criteria for both.
The LO is not Myths and Legends because they are different and get muddled. I would introduce legends later, when myths are well established, and do it by comparing, looking for similarities and differences.
This lesson is about seeing quality Myths and collating common features.
Following this lesson, they will see more samples, especially some written by other children
After that, they will write their own.


to use a time connective as a sentence opener
to use a time connective to open a story
to introduce the genre: Myths

Success Criteria- today you will need to
- use a time connective to start a sentence

- in pairs find as many ways of starting story with time connective openings
- MA see if you can improve on the basic openers
-listen carefully to the myths and compare to fairy story success criteria
-work with partner on myths and highlight the features
-as a group come up with list of features of myths

Collect Time connectives - save on IWB. Children create sentences that START with one. Make sure every child contributes. This could take a long time epecially if youve got a big class or a few slow kids is there a way to make it a little quicker and interactive for all- How about have some sentence cards with starter missing and some connective cards different colour half class have sentence other half have connective then mill around find a friend and have a sentence to share- encourage MA pupils to change the sentence whilst waiting to share it to make it an improved sentence. Bluerose

Could we get the chn to sit in a circle and play Pass the Parcel? Pass a box around with different time connectives in, when the music stops, child with the box picks a connective from the box and must make up a story starter using it.
~Jog_on (that should have been here!!!)
Like that idea Jog on but wont it slow down the learning as this lesson looks long (ive got my pace hat on!!) Bluerose

I agree it is too long. In fact, I would stick to my original idea and instead of every child to contribute, use name sticks to randomly select maybe 5. I wouldn't want this bit to last more than 10 mins, preferably only 5-6. (gertie)

Independent work -1

Remind of openings and endings for Fairy/ traditional Tales
Switch to openings that begin with time connectives: 'Long ago', Yesterday', Last week', When I was a child'. Children create story openers. Ask for more exciting variations. Provide ' Lost in the mists of time', When my Grandpa was a boy', and anything else you can think of ....!
Children work with partner and create story opening. (whiteboards, English books)
Tell they have only 5 mins for this, and be strict with time, warn 1 minute before back to carpet. (Gertie)
How long will children have been sitting for now? As this is very similar to previous activity - would you maybe move them from carpet for previous bit to tables for this bit so at least a bit of movement before doing it. Will they just be thinking of them or will they be looking at texts to find them? Bluerose
I would have moved them to sit together at a table for this bit. (Gertie)
Differentiation here- maybe mixed ability pairings or could LA have some suggested openers like when my Grandpa was a boy and they they just adapt eg When my Grandma was a girl etc Bluerose
What about writing their best one on a post-it note ready for the working literacy wall? (Gertie)

Mini plenary
Children share their ideas with class.
How will this be recorded? Will they be written down somewhere for future use and display? If its going to go on a display or working wall will you tell them this before start to make more important task with a reason?
They can read them out before adding to the wall. (Gertie)

THis section has to be quick too. No more than 15 mins for both independent work -1 and mini plenary (Gertie)

Main teaching Content

Read a Myth. eg Why there are stars in the sky
Show IWB of traditional tale success criteria - ask how it is different. Children share ideas with talk partner first.
Read another Myth. Are there any features in common with previous one?
And another one? Have you got enough time in this lesson for all these? Bluerose

Independent work- 2
Give printed copies of each and highlighters - Children to work with talk partners to highlight and list all common features.
Tell them they have only 5 mins - and warn 1 minute before end. (Gertie)
Think we need to be careful that we include differentiation in here - we don't mention it at all. ~Jog_on

Ah, yes. Could we provide easy reading versions that keep to the same structure and key features? And perhaps harder versions using more VCOP things for the more able? ~ Gertie (and I can't do colours here either. I put the hex code in for purple but can't change it to anything brighter!)
As they highlight are they making notes maybe as a table of list of sc for a myth to share back?

Bring children together to explore findings and create list to save as IWB - this will become success criteria next lesson.
I think this is a great way of concluding the learning as it shows what they have learnt clearly and links to next and previous learning

Resources needed
Previous IWB file of Trad Tales success criteria
3 similar myths - could all be creation myths? Printed copies for children,

to find other stories on internet that fit genre.

Now add the red pen!!!!
~ Gertie Thought id use purple!! Bluerose
Now thinking about some of things weve discussed to see whether weve met them- sorryy this is pale the colour thing is tricky for a challenged person like me

questionning- we need to add some open ended question prompts into this plan to show will be doing this
peer and self review - there is quite a bit of partner work in here and if make sure in plenary they look at what they have learnt re features of myth this will hit this and the aspect of have they learnt anything
learning- as above
sc- we havent really written these down for parts of session although creating them for another session pace- worried its a long lesson although broken up well, how long do you think this will last for?interactivity- some in there
talk partners S&L - good opportunities for this