Outstanding English Lessons for Year 4

This is a lesson deemed good with outstanding features.
Its objective was improving use of vocabulary. I liked the differentiation in this, and the use of oral work.

Ok...wasn't graded for this lesson, but I thought it worked really well. We followed the VCOP superheroes theme and played "Doctor Punctuation's Surgery". The chn's task was to cure ailing sentences. I put one on the IWB and the chn had to work in partners to cure it. I differentiated by the types of things that were wrong with the sentence e.g. capital letters and full stops missing for lower attaining pupils, misplaced apostrophes and missing commas for higher attainers. I named each child "Doctor Ryan" etc and they found it really fun - very interactive, but purposeful!

Ok this is the lesson I did yesterday and day before based on the game Myst: Exile. It is a pc game that leads you into different worlds and you have to pull levers, go through doors etc to solve problems. I am using it during my stories in fantasy worlds, but could be used for other narrative. My L.O was TO USE IMAGES TO CREATE ATMOSPHERIC SETTINGS/ TO USE IMAGES TO DEVELOP CHARACTERS AND PLOT (over two days). I began by explaining briefly what the game was and they wouldn't have sound for a bit because I didn't want them to be led by what some of the characters early on say, I didn't want them to 'play' the game. The first scene is a view over some dry rocky mountains, with an eagle flying overhead. We talked alot about the scene what we could see, and as one child gave me a word I asked for others to improve on it by adding description, and they jotted down ideas. I moved through the game, as we met characters I asked questions and the children responded, eg 'Who is she? What might she be saying?' 'In the rooms, describe the curtain, what do you think it represnets. As they got further into the game the questions built on what we could see, the children gasped and jumped at points, and urged me to keep going, 'Go on Mrs A, you can do it', I also encouraged them to say how they felt as we looked over precipices and into windows. Meanwhile they wrote endless notes, all in different styles whic was noted by the HEad. After the two days I gave them all hilighters and they hilighted which notes they felt they would use in the writing task, which will be today, to write their story. The head said the teaching and learning was good, with some outstanding for progress and children's involvement and awe and wonder. He counted my questions in a 10 minute period and counted 22 general and 10 directed to chilren!!! He also picked out which children got asked the most, but I felt this was a bit unfair because some children do answer more questions and help model answers for others and because it was a fast moving lesson, I wanted the momentum to keep going, but some of my weaker kids came up with some amazing work verbally later, and my EAL kid wrote down some super notes. And that's about it!! ~Gnomoospan/Moospan31