Developing effective learners in secondary schools http://www.standards.dfes.gov.uk/secondary/keystage3/downloads/sec_pptl044004u17dev_effect.pdf

One way of addressing this issue is through BLP (Building Learning Power)


Lots of schools in some LAs look at the looking 4 learning project rather than BLP but to be honest its much the same thing and the key is to help children and adults to think about what the qualities of a good learner are eg being Reflective, Resourceful, RIsk Taking, Having good working Relationships with others whilst also being able to work independently, and being Resilient ie perseverence. Think teachers need to shift their emphasis onto learning and get children to do the same.~ Bluerose1

Another good place to start looking is at Carol Dewck and her Mindsets work, it really makes you think about what you say and do. A good place to link to some findings http://primaryresourcecentre.myfreeforum.org/about21680.html&highlight=mindsets~ Bluerose

Links to some useful posters resources on TES

[[file:effective learners.doc link="http://www.tes.co.uk/Resources/Resource.aspx?action=added&resourceId=14263"]]

Found this resource based on the Scottish curriculum for excellence and thought is had some good ideas:

another learning programme based in Bristol i think

Tasc wheel 3 follow on clips linked to above author

another place that focuses on learning to learn http://www.alite.co.uk/index.html