Here we will place shortish paragraphs describing 'amazing' lessons, but without the planning needed for those under scrutiny or for OFSTED, HMI etc.
Can we use the format of just a paragraph on here giving an outline of what went on, then a link to another page where you can write as much as you like for those who want to read it, and add photos, IWB files, etc? Don't put it ALL on this page!!!

To create a new page for this, choose something to click on for the link, select it, then click on the first globe picture above, change the page name then click OK and you have done it. Email Gertie if you have a problem.

Shetland-Kat's Earthquake Day!

The (very small) school was set out as it an earthquake had happened overnight. The next day, when the children came in, they found casualties, and dealt with them by appointing safety officers, first aiders, traffic officers, and called in the ambulance, fire brigade (for real), water board and other officials.
A fantastic day!!! The children got swept up in the drama of it all and performed their duties brilliantly.
Read more ....

The amazing chocolate spread lesson - I don't know whose this was but it was in the TES on the 'my best/ worst lesson' page.

I have done it twice since then - once for getting powerful vocabulary and drop in clauses into instruction writing to up-level them and again today, with my low ability yr 6 group, to revise recount. They were wowed but it - and so was I by their work!! (Gertie)

I did this yesterday and the quality of work that was produced was brilliant. I primed a child to do the making and eating bit though. Definitely recommend you try this. Shetland-Kat

A lesson on editing writing( really not as boring as it sounds!)

Children have a meaningful and enjoyable session improving their own understanding of good writing by editing their teacher's Read more ...

'individual learning projects' - by teacherofmany

An amazing opportunity for supporting them in research skills, taking notes and paraphrasing for a purpose, how to avoid plagiarising (and how teachers can always tell!) plus giving them input on how to mount work, select co-ordinating/contrasting colours for effect, use PowerPoint properly, the importance of planning, of what makes an effective team and, best of all, the learning was completely and utterly led by their interests. Read more ....

Shetland-Kat's Europe Topic through FAIRYTALES!
An exciting way to grab the interests of the younger children in my class for the topic of Europe so - I decided to take them on a Fairy Tale journey around Europe. I researched where some fairy tales originated and went from there... Read more ...

Work on Anne Frank - Magpie nic

Using yellow stars to exclude children - to show them how Jewish children such as Anne Frank felt and were made to feel different ... Read more ...